About Turbojet Technologies

About Turbojet Technologies

About Turbojet Technologies

Turbojet Technologies provides

  • Support and maintenance for Drupal, WordPress, and other PHP-based websites.
  • New builds of open source web solutions, including Drupal, WordPress, and other solutions using PHP.
  • Integrations between your PHP-based website and other systems, including proprietary systems.

Dedicated to Small Businesses, Nonprofits, and Entrepreneurs

We help small businesses, entrepreneurs, and nonprofits use cost-effective, open source web solutions to let their ideas take flight. We build and support websites and applications based on PHP, including those built on Drupal, WordPress, Laravel, Symfony, and even custom-built PHP applications.

About Turbojet's Founder

Turbojet founder Paul McKibben with a cardboard cutout of Drupal creator Dries Buytaert.

Turbojet Technologies was founded July, 2015, by Paul McKibben. Paul has been developing Drupal and PHP projects since 2008, and he makes regular improvements to Drupal core software and contributed modules. His software development career spans more than 25 years.

See Paul's background on LinkedIn.

Can we help you?

Please reach out if you would like us to help you extend your current web investment, or if we can build you a new solution.